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Roman Sakovich is the London-based photographer who conceived, produced, and shot the series ‘Half’ while still a photography student at the Arts University College in Bournemouth. Roman wanted to show the devastating effects of drug abuse and provide a vivid contrast with a clean-cut version of the same person. He had the right side of his models dressed in corporate attire, and the left side dressed as a junkie in dire need of a fix. The difference is startling, to say the least. Kudos to his make-up artist for making the bruises, bags, wrinkles, and needle marks look realistic. His other portraits, while not as dramatic as ‘Half’ are just as thought-provoking.” - via Pondly.com

Very powerful.

See more of Sakovich’s work here.

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Pop Pop Bang Bang is a collaboration between photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns. Thomas  describes it as a mix of  ’film, photography, and pyro.’ Explosions, guns, and girls are all recurring themes on the silver screen. The installation itself is a collage of artfully arranged umbrellas set in three different locations in London.”

Source & more images here.

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