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Booktography is fast becoming a viral fad all over the web. The best ones are those which seamlessly integrates the book’s cover with the live person. A dead person may also be used for the purposes of this meme but that’s rather macabre. Much like photobombs, and jumping-in-the-air photos; the originator of this concept is unknown, but the concept behind his/her creative idea will go on to spawn many more memes.”

Love this idea!

More photos here: http://www.pondly.com/2012/05/booktography/

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I love these guys! Such amazing and fun work.


”’Usability and practicality are at first glance, not the most common words in the RAAR dictionary.’ – Words that the entire RAAR studio lives by. Raar is the Dutch word for strange and it is an apt name for a studio that churns out one mind bendingly strange design after another. Raar’s founders Maurice Ciapponi and Niels Mulder, combine industrial and graphic design to produce images with humor, crazy colors, and exuberance.”


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